About us

“Every project is unique!”

Created in early 2017, IAM Architecture Studio is an architectural bureau founded by arch. Milcho Tomov and arch. Kiril Kiryakov. That is why, in this portfolio are cited not only the individual projects of the two partners, but also other significant sites with their main participation since 2013.

The main driving idea of the company is that each project must be a complete and individual organism, from which nothing can be taken away and nothing can be added. It is this idea that is put in the name and the logo of the company IAM = I AM. The initials are written as an ambigram, so even when turned, it is still read the same way.
IAM Architecture Studio offers the widest range of planning and design services: urban planning, architecture, interior design and design. The underlying understanding of the company is that each project is significant and unique, and is likely to be successful only as a result of working together and working closely with the client.

IAM Architecture Studio is proud of its experience in designing projects of a different nature – residential buildings, administrative buildings, cultural heritage, industrial buildings and interior design. A team of professionals – architects and consultants-engineers takes care from the start-up phase to the completion of the project, strictly following the requirements of the program, the budget and the implementation time.